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Regional Electric Bike Share Program

Live in the San Gabriel Valley and interested in electric bikes or electric scooters? We need your feedback!

ActiveSGV and the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments are working on launching a regional e-bike share program. An electric bicycle or “E-bike” is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor that may be activated in order to assist with pedaling. 

The program should offer affordable, long-term sharing of good quality electric bicycles to give SGV residents an opportunity to become more familiar with this increasingly popular form of zero-emission mobility. Participants will be able to choose from two types of e-bicycle: a simple, all-purpose e-bike, or a cargo e-bike designed to carry larger loads and/or small children. Sharing will likely be on a monthly basis. The new program is expected to launch in calendar year 2022.

If you live in the SGV and are interested in electric bike rentals, please take a moment to complete the survey.