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Seleny Rodriguez

Seleny Rodriguez


Outreach Associate

Seleny Rodriguez was born in Mexicali, Baja California and migrated with their parents at a young age to northeastern Los Angeles and later established in Pomona.

Seleny’s immigrant experience is what initiated their passion in fighting against injustices that affect the well-being and health of undocumented immigrant communities of color. Which is why, Seleny began organizing with their community as a high school volunteer for the rights of low wage property service workers and undocumented communities in the city of Pomona.

At ActiveSGV, Seleny channels their passions in creating a sustainable SGV through community engagement, advocacy of quality food systems and building relationships with those most impacted. What continues to lead Seleny’s conviction is the end to capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, homophobia, and environmental racism. As well as rest, recover, and spend the most time they can with yummy food, nature and loved ones.