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Yasser Martinez

Yasser Martinez

He/Him, LCI

Education Coordinator

Yasser Martinez joined the Bicycle Education Center at Active SGV full-time in March of 2020. His current duties involve working with the community to teach bicycle safety, repair, and maintenance.

In addition to his work experience, Yasser is an avid life-long cyclist and mountain biker. His passion for traveling on two wheels started when he was a child and has continued to the present. He can attest to the positive impact that cycling has had on his life and is committed to sharing this with others. Yasser also believes that cycling is an important component in the efforts to reduce pollution and improve the quality of life in our communities.

In the last few years, Yasser has added bike-packing to his activities and toured both on and off-road. His goal is to one day ride across the Americas and conclude his ride at the tip of South America.