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Call for mural artist.

CALL FOR ARTISTS: ActiveSGV Seeks Mural Artist

ActiveSGV is searching for a local artist with an interest to paint a climate-themed mural that highlights the need for environmental justice and climate solutions for the most vulnerable communities.

We hope for this mural to be representative of the urgency for climate solutions while celebrating the resiliency and organizing movements of working-class residents in the SGV making strides to advocate and defend pollutant burdened communities.

For this proposal, we invite artists of all experiences and skill levels in painting murals to submit their work for consideration. This is a paid opportunity and the mural artist will be given a stipend of $3,750 upon completion of the mural. A materials budget of $3,000 can be used to purchase climate-friendly paint, paintbrushes, and other materials needed.

Mural concepts must incorporate one or more of the below-listed themes:

● Environmental Justice

● Clean Energy (ie: solar energy)

● Nature

● Native plants, flowers, trees, animals

● San Gabriel Valley Community (diversity, identity, and history). Special consideration will be given to proposals uplifting working-class communities of color:

● Bassett/ Avocado Heights/ La Puente, or

● El Monte/ South El Monte

To review the full request for proposal, please visit:

Artists interested in being considered should email a brief cover letter, and images containing samples of their work to Amy Wong at by 5:00 pm on Friday, July 8, 2022.

Questions? Please contact Amy Wong at

ActiveSGV is proud to be a part of the Bassett Avocado Heights Advanced Energy Community (BAAEC), a team of nonprofits, community organizations, and energy technology leaders helping to produce renewable energy locally. BAAEC’s mission is to create a renewable energy community in Avocado Heights and Bassett. We are engaging the community to help residents save money on energy bills and show how we can transition to a clean energy future.

Photo of Sam Brown speaking to an audience of cycists and riders.
Sam Brown from Avocado Heights Vaqueros talks to community members about ongoing health concerns and the extreme environmental impacts the Avocado Heights, La Puente and Bassett community experiences during a Toxic Tour Bike Ride on June 11th, 2022.

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