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Native plant garden at the Jeff Seymour Family Center

Noche 2021 Honoree - Outstanding Agency Staff - Christina Davila, El Monte City School District

The formerly all-asphalt playground at the Jeff Seymour Family Center was transformed with over 100 CA native trees and plants.

The Executive Administrator of the Jeff Seymour Family Center for the El Monte City School District, Christina Davila works to unite county and local organizations to meet the needs of families in the greater El Monte Region.

Christina Davila was born in South East Los Angeles and raised by her mother, grandmother, and older siblings. She is a proud UCLA Bruin and focused her undergraduate studies on Chicana/o Studies and Education. Her passion for social justice solidified during her undergraduate career as a student activist. She advocated increasing access to higher education for marginalized communities, organized campaigns that changed admissions policies, and worked in multi-ethnic coalitions to support first-generation college students.

After UCLA, Christina worked as the Director of MEChA Xinchtli, a college access project that provides academic support and mentorship services for high school and transitional-aged youth.  In 2014, Christina’s work shifted from direct service to systems change. She was the Project Manager and first full-time employee for the El Monte Promise Foundation. Christina worked to build out the foundation’s infrastructure and programming, using her coalition-building skills to solidify the first collective impact initiative that included multiple school districts, cities, and community leaders focused on building a cradle-to-college pathway in the greater El Monte area.

Although the scope of her work has expanded from education to include the broader health and wellness of families, her overarching goal of helping communities thrive remains the same. Christina has recently focused on ensuring the greater El Monte Community has equitable access to COVID-19 information, testing, and vaccines. When she’s not serving El Monte area families, Christina enjoys hiking, visiting national parks, and spending time with friends and family in her free time.

Youth tests out the 'Traffic Garden' at the Jeff Seymour Family Center

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