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Photo of Theresa Velasco Baray

Noche 2023 Honoree - Brian Velez Memorial Award - Theresa Velasco Baray

Theresa Velasco Baray is a true advocate of volunteering and community engagement in Los Angeles and the east and west San Gabriel Valley (SGV). She is this year's recipient of the Brian Velez Memorial Award, an award which recognizes an outstanding volunteer. Theresa's dedication to giving back has had a transformative impact on our local communities, inspiring her three sons and numerous others to embrace the spirit of service.

Theresa's passion for volunteerism began early in life and has driven her lifelong commitment to making a difference. Her journey of service led her to effectively communicate union messages to her co-workers at County General Hospital and eventually earned her a position on the LA County Federation of Labor. Her tireless advocacy for workers' rights and welfare has earned her the admiration and respect of her colleagues and community alike.

Theresa's contribution extends far beyond the labor movement. She discovered profound fulfillment through her involvement with the Rose Parade and ActiveSGV biking events.

Whether setting up at the crack of dawn or directing participants with her infectious energy and warm smile, Theresa's impact on these occasions is exceptional. Her dedication has enriched the experiences of participants and attendees, creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of unity within the community.

Join us on Thursday, September 21, at 6 PM for ActiveSGV's annual extravaganza and awards ceremony - "Noche de las Luminarias." We're bringing local advocates, city leaders, and honorees to celebrate our collective efforts and accomplishments in the San Gabriel Valley. This glittering night will take place this year at the stunning Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden (301 N Baldwin Ave, Arcadia).