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Cyclists on a bike path.

E-asy Access: Connecting People to Parks and Places

Surrounding Neighborhoods around Emerald Necklace
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The Easy Access: Connecting People to Parks and Places Program is designed to reduce barriers to accessing parks along the Emerald Necklace and beyond by providing free electric bike access during guided rides and pop up events along the Emerald Necklace. The San Gabriel and Rio Hondo River Trails connect dozens of parks and communities in the central San Gabriel Valley, including recreational areas such as Whittier Narrows, Santa Fe Dam, Peck Road Water Conservation Park and Hilda Solis Overlook Park. These electric bikes will allow the public to explore segments of the San Gabriel River Trail from the Hilda Solis Overlook to Whittier Narrows and beyond.

Schedule of Demos and Rides Coming Soon!

Easy Access Program. Connecting People to Parks and Places. Monthly E-Bike Rides on the Emerald Necklace. Free 2 hour GoSGV E-Bike Share.