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Active San Gabriel Valley (ActiveSGV) and The Trust for Public Land (TPL) are working on a community outreach-based planning effort to augment existing planning and development work in the City of El Monte. The goal is to prioritize the creation of new/renovated open space and active transportation opportunities throughout the Ramona Boulevard Corridor and the City of El Monte.  ActiveSGV and TPL are working with residents, parents, community stakeholders, and the City of El Monte to identify priority projects and available funding sources to get those projects built.  The proposed plan will create a clear path forward to holistically support El Monte residents by leveraging existing public funds to increase livability and sustainability throughout the City for children, families, and members of the community. 

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Infographic showing El Monte demographics and park access

How do we create more parks in El Monte?

We are working alongside the City of El Monte, El Monte residents and families, our project partners, and other community based organizations to identify and support the development of parks in El Monte.  Specifically, we're hosting community workshops, interviewing El Monte stakeholders, coordinating a community advisory committee, and collecting ongoing input from El Monte residents and families. If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback for where you would like to see parks in El Monte, contact us today!