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A group of young cyclists in a parking lot.

I-10 Active Commute, Healthy Community

El Monte
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Led by ActiveSGV in partnership with the City of El Monte, this project included four primary, complementary strategies:

1) Active Commute, Healthy Commuter Courses - 3-hour courses combined in-class instruction, parking lot drills, and a short bike ride on city streets to teach participants how to use bikes on transit (e.g., bikes on buses), plan safe routes, avoid collisions, securely lock a bicycle, and ride in a safe, predictable and legal manner.

2) Electric Bike Program (eBike) - The eBike program introduced community members to the benefits of zero-emission electric bicycles via test rides, community presentations, and informational materials. Upon completing an Active Commuter course, qualified residents will be offered a discount voucher toward the purchase of an e-bike with partner retailers.

3) Bicycle Education Center (BEC) - The BEC is an education center designed to help residents of disadvantaged communities overcome the barrier of purchasing and operating a bicycle. Donated and abandoned bicycles (e.g., abandoned on public furniture) were recycled back into the general public. Basic maintenance classes along with access to tools and technical expertise empowered residents to more affordably maintain their bicycles thereby lowering the cost and knowledge barriers to bicycling for residents, especially youth and lower SES populations.

4) Active Commute, Healthy Community Public Information Campaign - The outreach campaign informed residents and key stakeholders (e.g., businesses, school officials, non-profit leaders) about the benefits of active transportation, transit use and the Metro Express Lane program.