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Regional Recovery Hubs

San Gabriel Valley
Project Category
Health and Wellness

The Regional Recovery Hubs initiative establishes a vibrant network of diverse community organizations, all united in a mission to uplift and enhance community resilience.

The Recovery Hubs project fortifies non-profit capacity, offering a coordinated response to the trials brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, it stands as a steadfast guide, steering short and long-term recovery efforts. The harmonious interaction within this project emphasizes the significance of collaboration and shared purpose in constructing a robust, healthier, and vibrant community.

Current San Gabriel Valley (SGV) Community Council Member Organizations:

Nature For All: An alliance dedicated to building a diverse base of support for ensuring that everyone in the Los Angeles area—no matter where they live—has access to nature and its benefits.

Sustainable Claremont: A team that is driving towards a sustainable future for Claremont through education, community mobilization, and collaboration.

Day One: An entity focused on creating a healthier community through policy advocacy, promotion of public health, and provision of prevention education.

APIFM (Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement): An organization dedicated to environmental justice, promoting healthy food, and advocating for active transportation in Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

Asian Youth Center: A center that empowers low-income, immigrant, and at-risk youth through leadership, education, and social services.

Avocado Heights Vaquer@s: A group working diligently to preserve and promote the equestrian culture and natural resources of Avocado Heights.

The People's Resource Center: A community-oriented center committed to supporting individuals, families, and communities in their journeys towards healing, justice, and collective liberation.

As this initiative progresses, it continually induces positive change, cultivating an environment centered on inclusivity, empathy, and cooperation. The collective goal is to construct a resilient community, ensuring a more secure and prosperous future for all.