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A staff member and a community member meet at a booth.

San Gabriel Valley Regional Active Transportation Project

Glendora, Irwindale, Montebello, La Puente, Monrovia
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Funded by an CA-ATP Cycle 1 proposal submitted by the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, and developed to build upon the successful 5-City San Gabriel Valley Regional Bicycle Plan, the San Gabriel Valley Regional Active Transportation Plan was a comprehensive, regional effort to:

1) develop local pedestrian and bicycle plans for 5 cities (Glendora, Irwindale, Montebello, La Puente, and Monrovia;

2) identify the 50 most feasible miles of potential 'greenways' - off-street walking and biking paths - along waterways in the region;

3) create consistent regional wayfinding signage; and

4) provide bicycle safety classes and support to the public. ActiveSGV staff led the community engagement/outreach, data collection (e.g. manual bike/ped counts; community street audits), and education tasks for the project. Project timeline was June 2017 - June 2019.