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As an organization committed to engaged communities and participatory democracy, ActiveSGV strongly encourages all eligible SGV residents to exercise their right to VOTE! Not eligible? There are other ways you can engage, including becoming an official election worker (Anyone over the age of 16 can apply! To register and find out more, click here).

General Voting Information

Voters in Los Angeles County can drop off their ballots at one of over 400 ballot boxes this year

Check your Voter Status (especially to confirm your address is current) online at​ or via phone at 800-815-2666.

Track Your Ballot: Receive a notice when your ballot is mailed, received, and counted! Sign up for notices by text, email, and/or phone here.

Made a mistake on your vote-by-mail ballot or envelope? No need to request another one. Simply mark an X over the wrong selection and make your correct choice. For mistakes on the envelope, you can cross it out and simply add it above the area. 

Update/Register to Vote

  • If you've moved or changed your legal name, you need to register to vote using your new information here.​
  • Miss the registration deadline? California permits Same Day Voter Registration.  
  • Conditional Voting Registration (CVR) is available at all Voting Centers. More details here

​​Want to Vote In Person? 

  • Voters in Los Angeles County will have 10 consecutive days and Election Day to vote in-person at ANY Vote Center. 
  • Early voting hours will be daily from 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • On Election Day Vote Centers will be open from 7 AM to 8 PM (you to vote as long as you are in line before 8pm). 
  • Please note: you do NOT need an ID to vote. Your signature is all you need to prove your identity. ID is ONLY required at the polls if this is your very first time voting.
  • Interactive Sample Ballot is available at These ballots are modified to your specific voting registration and your selections can even be SAVED to a QR code you can take with you to the polls if you plan on voting in person! 
  • More details on Voting in Person in LA County here.
  • Find nearby Voting Centers here.

Candidate Surveys

In an effort to help inform and educate voters about candidates ideas and stances on critical climate, health, and equity issues, ActiveSGV distributed a survey to candidates for office in select SGV communities. Candidate responses are posted online as soon as they are received. We encourage anyone voting in these communities to follow up with candidates directly for further information, or if a response was not received.

Please note that ActiveSGV does not endorse candidates for elected office.

More Voting Resources

Other organizations that provide voting information and resources.