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Two people standing outside of a business with frozen yogurt.

ActiveLab Episode 5: Cyber Yogurt and the Parklet Project

In the latest episode of the ActiveLab Podcast, our host, Alina, interviews Pablo Tamashiro, the owner of Cyber Yogurt, a single-location, family-operated business in El Monte since 2009.

Cyber Yogurt isn't just a local business; it's a community-centric hub shaped by Pablo’s dedication to health, sustainability, and active involvement in regional initiatives. Inspired by his son’s growing curiosity about environmental issues and sustainability, Pablo embarked on integrating eco-friendly practices within his business. This includes minimizing waste, reducing the use of single-use plastic, enhancing staff awareness about resource conservation, and engaging with local nonprofits to identify additional sustainability practices.

An exciting aspect of Cyber Yogurt’s community engagement is its participation in the parklet project, a collaboration with the city of El Monte and ActiveSGV, which aims to enhance urban spaces and promote sustainable transportation. Shared with ‘Be Nutritious,’ the eatery next door, the parklet offers a vibrant spot for customers of both businesses to enjoy nutritious meals and treats in a pleasant outdoor setting. Pablo noted that although it took some time for customers to adapt to the parklets, they have become a beloved feature. As parklets continue to gain popularity, Pablo hopes the pilot program will set a precedent for other local businesses in El Monte, encouraging more widespread adoption and signaling to city officials the community's enthusiasm for expanded outdoor dining and similar placemaking initiatives.

Pablo and the Cyber Yogurt team also remain firmly committed to promoting active transportation. One of the first certified “Bicycle Friendly Businesses” in the San Gabriel Valley, Cyber Yogurt continues to offer a 10% discount for customers who arrive using active transportation such as biking or skating and an additional 5% off for those wearing a helmet. Pablo was among the first business owners in the SGV to pilot an all-electric vehicle for deliveries, an electric tricycle that the manufacturer sadly recalled. Pablo is exploring alternative sustainable delivery service options, such as a new solar-powered electric vehicle.

To learn more about Pablo and Cyber Yogurt, visit their website, You can submit your feedback and thoughts on the El Monte Outdoor Business Demonstration Project here:

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