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Sasha Renée Pérez

Noche 2021 Honoree - Outstanding Elected Official - Sasha Renée Pérez

Sasha Renée Pérez is a Councilmember for the City of Alhambra who has championed policies that create social, environmental, and economic justice for under-served communities. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sasha swiftly championed a local Hero Pay initiative to ensure grocery and pharmacy store workers were financially compensated for their essential service to the community.

In 2021 Sasha worked with local residents, fellow Council Member Adele Andrade Stadler, City staff, and ActiveSGV staff to implement the City’s first dedicated bike lanes as part of the “Reimagine Poplar Blvd” demonstration traffic safety project.

Earlier in the year Sasha successfully led an effort to pass a local utensils-upon-request ordinance during Earth Month (April). The first 'Skip-the-Stuff' ordinance in the San Gabriel Valley, the policy is designed to reduce the amount of non-recyclable, single-use, plastic waste in the community associated with takeout food orders. Thanks in part to the leadership of cities like Alhambra on the issue, the CA State Legislature made utensils upon request a statewide policy in September 2021 (AB 1276). The statewide law will go into effect January 1, 2022.

Drone image of ActiveSGV staff installing traffic safety demonstration project on Poplar Blvd

Prior to her transition to Councilwoman, Sasha served as the Mayor of Alhambra, where she became the youngest Latina Mayor to lead a medium sized city in California and the first openly-bi Mayor in US history. When she is not serving her community as an elected official, Sasha works as a Senior Public Affairs Manager for the Campaign for College Opportunity, a non-profit broad-based research, policy, and advocacy organization focused on ensuring all Californians have an equal opportunity to attend and succeed in college. She leads the Campaign’s student engagement work, educating and informing students about the policy-making process, their rights, and pending education-related legislation.

ActiveSGV's annual awards party, Noche de las Luminarias, honors people making strides to realize a more sustainable, equitable, and livable San Gabriel Valley. On 10/21/21 we are excited to host the event in a beautiful, outdoor setting at the LA County Arboretum in the City of Arcadia. More information about the event and how to get tickets here.