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A map of the San Gabriel Valley.

Help Transform San Gabriel Valley's Transit Landscape

Visit to find out more about the San Gabriel Valley Transit Study.

The San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG) is working on a big project to make getting around easier and better for more than two million people! The project is called the San Gabriel Valley Transit Feasibility Study, and it has two parts. The first part is about using what we already have, like the Metro L (Gold) Line. The second part is about adding new ways to travel in places that don't have enough choices.

The study started in July 2021 and finished its first part in June 2022. The second part will be done in July 2023. In the first part, 15 different ideas were considered, and people who live and work in the area helped choose seven of those ideas to study more deeply. In the end, up to three of those ideas will be selected for faster buses, or "Bus Rapid Transit" (BRT).

These ideas will be part of a plan to realize faster, more convenient bus service in the San Gabriel Valley. Some parts of the plan might not happen right away but could happen later on. The study aims to find the best ways to help people in the San Gabriel Valley get around using buses and other transportation.

Here's how you can help! SGVCOG wants to make sure everyone's needs are met when they travel. Your thoughts are important to create the best plan for the San Gabriel Valley. You can help by taking a survey here. Together, we can make getting around easier for everyone!